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#6: I Love Street Photography


The reason I love street photography so much is that when I am walking around with a camera in hand, so many photographic opportunities seem to jump out at me.  I love seeing a family passing by, stop and chat with them,  and ask to take their picture. Then when I show an image or two on my LCD, they just glow and pose some more with enthusiasm.  I love this whole process and walk away with such a warm feeling….I smile for a long time after that is over.

I love the colors in this image. Grabbed me right away.

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#4: X-mas Day Air Travel

airplaneairplane2Well, It is always interesting to travel on Christmas day.  I was ecstatic when the flight took off on time……But…but…..the Darn connection…it always is so tricky.  We are stuck for 4 hours in Charlotte.  We ate, and walked and checked websites etc. etc. Still two more hours to go.

So I started processing a couple of pictures I took on the plane of the stewardess.  Here’s to making lemonade!!!

Merry Christmas to all.

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