#32: Gabby!

Gabby was a fun shoot.  We met just after a big storm and shot for two hours. She is a delightful young woman. Thank you Gabby!











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#31: Creativity Breaks!

I was in Michigan this past week, in a secluded venue, with some very high level executives working on a common goal for three and a half days.  The days were filled with intense exploration of ideas, gaining insights and shattering prejudices.  I was extremely focussed and engaged in what was going on.

The schedule was intense too. Morning sessions, lunch break, afternoon sessions, dinner ….followed by an evening session (and a gathering/decompressing) till midnight each day.  During these long sessions, I did find myself recharging by taking 5-10 minutes to myself per day to bring out my iPhone and “be creative”. This “recharging” kept me refreshed and engaged….point is…creativity and fun can hone your attention span for longer than a tired brain.

Here is an image I took in the “eating area” of our facility. Taken and processed in the iPhone.

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#30: iPhone Photos!

First of all, it makes me sad that I have been away from my blog for so long.  Number of reasons…none of which are interesting.  Well, what matters is that I am BACK!

So, what have I been up to lately?  I bought an iPhone. It has given me untold joy…opened up my creative eye to the maximum and I feel so liberated with it. Everywhere I look, there is an image to be taken and processed using this incredible machine. I have been training my eye over the last several weeks to “see” more and see more “joyfully”.  I feel deeply happy!

Here is an example of how incredible this machine is….and what a frame of mind I am in when I am with it.  I was sitting in the middle row of an Airplane seat for a 3.5 hour long flight.  There really wasn’t much to do. I pulled out my computer and watched a video for a while. When that was over, I closed the computer and immediately my eye was drawn towards the blinking power button on the computer.  I just HAD to pull out my iPhone and experiment. Wow…I was really drawn into the blinking power light AND the yellow border on the car advertisement. See images below of the scene that was unfolding on my lap. The more I played, the more I became enthralled with it.  Below are the results….along with the actual articles being photographed. Hope you like it. I hope you leave me a comment on what you thought of this post.

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# 29: You did a beautiful job…thank you!

You did a beautiful job Usha…Thank you…..

These were the words that resulted in a long exhale. And now I am ready to share a story that made me proud.

Photography has been a hobby for me for a while now. I enjoy it with a passion that I never knew before photography came into my life. I love everything about it….the way it makes me feel, the way it makes people feel when they see the images, the way it allows me to really see things I would have just passed by and the connections I make because of it.

And yet..I have never thought of myself as any kind of a “professional photographer”…..or even a “true artist”….Recently, my friend told me that he had a friend who was getting married and was looking for someone to shoot their wedding. Keith recommended me to Joe. When he told me this…I blanched. Me…shooting something like this….the responsibility of such an important occasion? Wow! No way….but then I instantly thought…why not….I love shooting people and events and this was a very low key event and would allow me to practice shooting under such circumstances.

I was determined to work really hard and spend a ton of time during and after the wedding to deliver to the VERY best of my ability. I was grateful that Joe gave me this chance. Just yesterday, I delivered the images and a music slideshow with their favorite song. Later that night, I received an e-mail from Joe saying….”You did a beautiful job Usha. Thank you!”.

I teared up, exhaled and felt so very proud to have completed my first real job….and I am very happy to have finished it successfully.

Thank you Joe and Loreen for taking a chance with me.  I am grateful.

Here are two images that symbolized the event for me….

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#28: The “Feeling” of Fall

Today started out cold, windy and cloudy.  I was alone in the house, at peace in my mind. As I watched the leaves outside turn yellow, it reminded me of the winter to come. I was admiring the beautiful fall colors, still left in a few trees in the backyard and felt that this beauty will soon be gone.  Then I saw something on a photography site that inspired me to go and try out some motion blurs on images.  So I grabbed my camera and stepped out to shoot this beautiful tree by a small pond in my neighbors yard.  Here are two images from today. These are not the kind of images I usually gravitate to….but were inspired by fellow photographers.

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#27: Halloween Party!

Went to hear Kiran’s band play to a sold out audience. They absolutely ROCKED!

People came dressed in costumes as it was Oct 30th. So much fun for a photographer!  Had a blast shooting images.  Here are a few.

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#26 Anything but a “Creepy Crawly”

Poor butterflies…they fall into the same category as all other bugs and insects that are generally termed as “creepy crawlies”.  There is nothing creepy or crawly about a butterfly.  They are light, bright, airy and happy….don’t you think….or am I wring and most people do not include butterflies in the “creepy-crawley” category?

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#25 Sanjay!

Sanjay at a picnic…caught with a piece of watermelon in his mouth….hiding a smile :):)

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#24 Tabla

My little nephew was practicing his Tabla. I wanted to capture the essence of the scene…and not the elements of the rest of the room, which were distracting.  Hope you like it.

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#23 Kiran….means “rays of the sun” in India

Kiran’s smile reminded me of a sunny feeling…happy, radiant and full of life.  Do you feel it?

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