#12: Intention to Reality

A few months ago, after a people photography workshop (Location People by Bryan Allan), a thought came to me so powerfully that I imagined a time warp zone where I was speeding at warp speed towards my destination…then it opened up in slow motion to a bright fully realized moement of this intention. I had goose bumps and I kept thinking of nothing else but that in my free time.  What was this powerful desire I had? I wanted to go to India, see beautiful places and people…and come back with enough information that would allow me to start my own Photo-tourism business to India.

This thought made me happy because it would combine many elements that bring joy to me…travel, meeting people, visiting India and seeing all the beautiful sight and scenes it provides, and most importantly capturing these moments though my camera.  In addition, I wanted to share this feeling with many others and help take them to this exotic country and help them go through a similar sense of wonder and excitement about a far off country.

Well, my experience on my recent trip with my photographer friend Keith and his wife Sharon was an amazing start of this journey. It was all that I dreamed it would be. The logistics, the cities and the sights were great. We had a ton of fun and came back full of excitement about getting my next trip planned…where I would like to take a small group (4-5 people) back to the same cities and show them all of the photographic sights I had seen.

Intentions do become reality! I feel really grateful. I could not wait to come back and share this with you all. Thank you for your time in looking at my first few images.

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  1. April March 22, 2010 at 4:45 pm #

    I’m thrilled for you!!!

    This is a fantastic idea — such a perfect way to meld all that you love and share it with others.

    I’m looking forward to updates as your plans take shape!

  2. Usha March 23, 2010 at 9:45 pm #

    Thank you ever so much April…for being such a big part of my support system. I am making progress everyday on this adventure and I love the fact that I can come home from work and work on my dream a little at a time.

    A lot of interest on it at this time. It feels good.

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