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#5: Let me see….

Let me see

My little niece and our son playing in the backyard.  I like the story telling aspect of this image.  I feel like Chitra is looking intently to what Kiran is showing and is deciding whether she wants to play or not.  What do you think of the treatment in post?


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#4: X-mas Day Air Travel

airplaneairplane2Well, It is always interesting to travel on Christmas day.  I was ecstatic when the flight took off on time……But…but…..the Darn connection…it always is so tricky.  We are stuck for 4 hours in Charlotte.  We ate, and walked and checked websites etc. etc. Still two more hours to go.

So I started processing a couple of pictures I took on the plane of the stewardess.  Here’s to making lemonade!!!

Merry Christmas to all.

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#3: December Photowalk


I am back after a fun cold day.  Our Cream City Photographers had another photowalk today.  It was cold but the walk was still fun. Besides, the social aspect after the walk was so warm and friendly. I am truly glad I found this group.

Lesson learned today…on a gray day, pick subjects with artificial light mixed with ambient…to give the image a kick.

Thank you for stopping by.

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#2: Joy


Today I saw a fellow photographer’s (Peter Györffy) first attempt at posting a video tutorial.

I watched it with interest and learned a few things that I did not know before.  This inspired me to dig out an image that I created during a recent workshop and work on it to practice the techniques I learned.  This is the result.  I wish the flares were not as prominent.  I do not take many landscape images. So this one was important for me to finish.

As always, any comments/suggestions you may have will be gratefully accepted.

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