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#49: Sunshine Acid Designs: Jewelry by Amanda Mills

Recently the beautiful Amanda asked me to shoot a concept shoot to showcase her custom made jewelry. We went out to shoot in a near by lawn location and some woods. Had a blast shooting these images. She is debuting her jewelry this weekend. Good Luck Amanda!

#48: Beautiful Kieyana

Kieyana was so much fun to shoot. I met her at the miss teen contest where I was a judge recently. Kieyana has poise, grace and a great smile. We did have an experience of being booted out of a location – but in my mind had a blast grabbing a couple more shots while packing up. Kieyana was a natural. A couple of images now….more after they have viewed the rest of the images. Don’t want to spoil the impact of seeing them for the first time on a large screen TV.


#47: Ryan at 11 months

I absolutely love shooting little babies….they are fun, filled with joy and always give me great expressions.  Here is a video of a recent shoot of Ryan – the adorable 11 month old, with his mom, dad and Grandma.

#46: Belle Bellies Collection

I really enjoy shooting pregnancy shoots and bringing out the beauty of this special stage in life.  I think it is an intimate, beautiful and a joyous time.  I love seeing the expressions when people say….I feel so big and not-so-pretty….and then feel so happy when they say, my pictures made me feel pretty and thin and lovely.  That is a nice feeling to have a meaningful impact on people’s lives.  Here are a few from a recent on location shoot of the Beautifully Pregnant Marisa.  Cheers to a Belle Belly!











#43: Love my new light

Love my new Elinchrom Ranger Quadra light. Used it this weekend.  Loved the results.




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#37: Final Shoot

Thanks for a wonderful time Gabby…You are going to go places.





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#27: Halloween Party!

Went to hear Kiran’s band play to a sold out audience. They absolutely ROCKED!

People came dressed in costumes as it was Oct 30th. So much fun for a photographer!  Had a blast shooting images.  Here are a few.

#26 Anything but a “Creepy Crawly”

Poor butterflies…they fall into the same category as all other bugs and insects that are generally termed as “creepy crawlies”.  There is nothing creepy or crawly about a butterfly.  They are light, bright, airy and happy….don’t you think….or am I wring and most people do not include butterflies in the “creepy-crawley” category?

#25 Sanjay!

Sanjay at a picnic…caught with a piece of watermelon in his mouth….hiding a smile :):)

#24 Tabla

My little nephew was practicing his Tabla. I wanted to capture the essence of the scene…and not the elements of the rest of the room, which were distracting.  Hope you like it.