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# 45: The great storm in Milwaukee….and a shoot during it

Went out Sunday to shoot Amanada and Saebra….As soon as we started the shoot, a BIG storm hit us.  We ducked and hit under the Marsupial Bridge.  But decided to shoot through the storm…..It was a lot of fun….Here is the first image of the series.

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#42: New Friends….great experience!

Met some wonderful people during Milwaukee’s World Water Day walk.  It was a great day to walk for a great cause.  Here are a few images from that day….fun memories.  Hope to continue the friendship….




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# 40: Innocence

Had a great shoot with this young man.  I shot this as their Christmas present.  It made my day when they saw these images and were very happy.  It is fun to shoot little kids. Meant to do an outdoor shoot…but was too cold. So moved into the gym/basketball court for most of these.















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# 38: Thanksgiving Weekend! Lots of shooting fun.


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#37: Final Shoot

Thanks for a wonderful time Gabby…You are going to go places.





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#36: Gabby Again…and a slide show.

I finally processed more images from my shoot with Gabby.  Here are a couple of images and a slideshow with the rest of the images. Hope you like them.


And here a the link where you can find more images from this shoot in a slideshow…


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#35: The Lights Beckon

Waiting for dinner to arrive in Madison, took a quick shot with my 50mm, F1.4 lens…..I liked the bokeh in this one.

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#34: Labor Day Weekend Shoot

Had a shoot planned. Set out with some locations in mind. Passed by a rail road track near my house…stopped and did the whole shoot right there. Gabby was fun!







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#32: Gabby!

Gabby was a fun shoot.  We met just after a big storm and shot for two hours. She is a delightful young woman. Thank you Gabby!











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#31: Creativity Breaks!

I was in Michigan this past week, in a secluded venue, with some very high level executives working on a common goal for three and a half days.  The days were filled with intense exploration of ideas, gaining insights and shattering prejudices.  I was extremely focussed and engaged in what was going on.

The schedule was intense too. Morning sessions, lunch break, afternoon sessions, dinner ….followed by an evening session (and a gathering/decompressing) till midnight each day.  During these long sessions, I did find myself recharging by taking 5-10 minutes to myself per day to bring out my iPhone and “be creative”. This “recharging” kept me refreshed and engaged….point is…creativity and fun can hone your attention span for longer than a tired brain.

Here is an image I took in the “eating area” of our facility. Taken and processed in the iPhone.

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