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51: The Bauman Family

One of the Joys of being a photographer is to interact with newborn babies and their parents. They are so precious and when they have siblings, as was the case with Drew’s brothers, it is an added bonus. I recently shot the Bauman Family. What a treat that was. See a slideshow below of that event.

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50: Hollie….precious baby in my Belle Bellies and Babies collection.













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# 45: The great storm in Milwaukee….and a shoot during it

Went out Sunday to shoot Amanada and Saebra….As soon as we started the shoot, a BIG storm hit us.  We ducked and hit under the Marsupial Bridge.  But decided to shoot through the storm…..It was a lot of fun….Here is the first image of the series.

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#44: Marisa: Pregnancy is a beautiful thing!

These are images of Marisa.  We spend some nice time yesterday shooting her in my in-home studio.  She was charming and beautiful.  She was just glowing with the “pregnancy glow”.  I love shooting pregnant bellies.  They are so beautiful and intimate.  Hope to photograph the baby that is in that belly soon.  Good luck Marisa and best wishes for a happy and healthy baby!!!












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#43: Love my new light

Love my new Elinchrom Ranger Quadra light. Used it this weekend.  Loved the results.




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#42: New Friends….great experience!

Met some wonderful people during Milwaukee’s World Water Day walk.  It was a great day to walk for a great cause.  Here are a few images from that day….fun memories.  Hope to continue the friendship….




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# 40: Innocence

Had a great shoot with this young man.  I shot this as their Christmas present.  It made my day when they saw these images and were very happy.  It is fun to shoot little kids. Meant to do an outdoor shoot…but was too cold. So moved into the gym/basketball court for most of these.















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# 38: Thanksgiving Weekend! Lots of shooting fun.


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#37: Final Shoot

Thanks for a wonderful time Gabby…You are going to go places.





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#36: Gabby Again…and a slide show.

I finally processed more images from my shoot with Gabby.  Here are a couple of images and a slideshow with the rest of the images. Hope you like them.


And here a the link where you can find more images from this shoot in a slideshow…


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