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#41: Ziggy


#16: Jaisalmer

Today, I want to share with you images of the incredible time we had in Jaisalmer….a small desert town in the western part of Rajasthan….very near the Pakistan border.  I will write later about the town and the beautiful people, shops, handicrafts etc. that I saw in this town. Also, there is a spectacular fort that rises suddenly and spectacularly right out of the desert in an incredible way.

We drove an hour from this village, into the dunes area to shoot the sunset.  On the way, we saw peacocks, camels, horses, tiny huts, colorful ladies carrying water home on their heads (a whole other story which I will talk about in a future post).  When we reached the desert camp, I negotiated with the owner to rent a camel cart to take us deep into the dunes, and an extra camel and a man with a turban to pose for us by the dunes at sunset.

We rode this cart about 5 kilometers into the desert. It was an amazing experience….remote, peaceful, great light, only sounds of nature around us and an occasional antelope, peacock, camel or a child…..I could not believe I was experiencing such an incredible moment. I am grateful.

Here are some pictures of the cart we rode…. I will post several more awe inspiring sight in the next post on this journey.

Thanks for stopping by.

The cart owner brought his son (the next generation cart owner :)) with him. Notice what he is holding in his hand…he was so intrigued by my Flip video camera…so I gave it to him, showed him how to use it and he video taped a ton of footage.  I could not get him to stop shooting…it was funny.

Keith and Sharon by the cart…

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#8: Pooch on X-mas eve!

Still trying the Snap Art 2 effect on images. I went slightly bolder on this image.  I like it better on this image, but will try a couple more soon.

I guess I am still a bit of a traditionalist…liking the non-filtered looks.

Comments and suggestion are most welcome.


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#1: Welcome to my Moments of Exposure


Hi everybody,

Thanks for stopping by. I am inspired, excited and a little scared at being here and taking the plunge to start a photoblog. Over the years, I have watched several great friends and fellow photographers make this commitment and have followed their blogs with interest. I have learned so very many things from each of them.

At some point, I realized that I was tending to spend a lot of time listening, watching and learning and not so much time photographing myself and taking an image to completion. At this point, I decided to commit to starting a photoblog myself. This is a vehicle that I am hoping will encourage me to shoot more, and take images to completion…enough to be able to show people. That in and off of itself will motivate me to grow as a photographer.

Moments of Exposure is a name my husband, Murali came up with…thanks Murali. This name to me means not only that specific moment when you commit to the image and shoot it, but also the moments when you feel exposed and vulnerable. It is my belief that from these moments of exposures, one grows in life.

Thank you for stopping by and showing support. I appreciate it very much.


“The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.”
– Dorothea Lange

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