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#8: Pooch on X-mas eve!

Still trying the Snap Art 2 effect on images. I went slightly bolder on this image.  I like it better on this image, but will try a couple more soon.

I guess I am still a bit of a traditionalist…liking the non-filtered looks.

Comments and suggestion are most welcome.


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#7: India – That’s her name!!

indiapostfinalThis is my very first attempt at using Alien Skin’s Snap Art 2.  I downloaded a trial version today and have 30 days to try it and decide if I like this program and this effect.  So, I will try and use this diligently for a few days and see how I feel.

In the mean time, PLEASE let me know if you have any comments, suggestions, and ideas of how else to practice using this program  It will help me work out things and see if I like it.

Thanks for your comments in advance.

This image is of a very sweet person I met in Savannah, GA.  Her name is India.

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