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#26 Anything but a “Creepy Crawly”

Poor butterflies…they fall into the same category as all other bugs and insects that are generally termed as “creepy crawlies”.  There is nothing creepy or crawly about a butterfly.  They are light, bright, airy and happy….don’t you think….or am I wring and most people do not include butterflies in the “creepy-crawley” category?

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#25 Sanjay!

Sanjay at a picnic…caught with a piece of watermelon in his mouth….hiding a smile :):)

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#24 Tabla

My little nephew was practicing his Tabla. I wanted to capture the essence of the scene…and not the elements of the rest of the room, which were distracting.  Hope you like it.

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#23 Kiran….means “rays of the sun” in India

Kiran’s smile reminded me of a sunny feeling…happy, radiant and full of life.  Do you feel it?

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#22 Here comes the sun……and it’s alright!

The Beatles song was in my my when I Titled it.  I felt happy when I came across this image. The “sunlight” is due to pointing the camera at a dining room light as I was photographing the flower from our patio.  I was surprised at the effect.

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